About Us

My name is Ben Bayles and Truly Custom Calls is a passion of mine. We are located on the Texas Gulf Coast and got started when my two passions met, a passion for fine exotic wood working accompanied with a passion for hunting outdoors.

We realize not all calls are created equal. That’s why we are all about distinctive and unique one-of-a-kind calls that both look good and sound even better. We take great pride in hand turning collector quality calls that are worthy to be handed down for generations to come while being designed with the hunter in mind. We are not a fabrication shop, all of our calls are hand turned so no two are exactly alike which allows us to ensure you the quality you expect.

We currently make waterfowl, predator, deer, turkey and several other types of calls. Choose from our current inventory, design your own, or personalize any call by engraving a name, initials or company logo on your band if desired.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to seeing how we can meet your needs.

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